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Vegan Cookie Recipes
by Mattie    

meringue for pie?

If I wanted to use this recipe for meringue to top a pie, would I leave out the sugar and other flavorings and bake it like that? If so, how long would you suggest baking it on top of the pie til it sets like a true meringue?

Owner's reply

This is a really great question VikingKev. I haven't had a chance to really experiment with this meringue on pies. Since it takes so long to bake, I recommend baking it separately on parchment paper then removing it and placing it on the pie after the pie has baked fully, been removed from the oven and cooled. That way you could ensure that both components are baked to perfection. Good luck and let me know how it works out if you get a chance to give it a go!

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