Vegan Truffle Recipes
A truffle is a spherical chocolate confection usually made from ganache and coated with cocoa powder, chocolate, nuts or other ingredients. The chocolate center is sometimes infused with flavorings or liqueurs. Vegan truffle recipes substitute the traditional animal-based cream and butter of the ganache with nut, soy or coconut creams, vegan butters or other vegetable oils.
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Vegan Raw Coconut Almond Truffle RecipeThis super easy Vegan Coconut Almond Truffle recipe will satisfy that late night chocolate craving without the excess sugar and empty calories of other desserts. This perfect blend of coconut, chocolate and almond will keep you coming back for more.
MattieMattie   3
Vegan Chocolate TrufflesThis Vegan Chocolate Truffle recipe utilizes the flavor combination of two different types of chocolate for maximum flavor depth. These vegan truffles are then enhanced further by the addition of vanilla extract, touch of salt then rolled in the coating of your choice to make them truly delectable. For certified choco-holics only.
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