Vegan Brownie Recipes

Vegan Brownie Recipes
A brownie is a bar or square that utilizes chocolate. It has a texture between a cookie and a cake and is baked in a flat, square dish. Brownies contain a large amount of fat and sugar in relation to water which gives them a dense and soft texture. Vegan brownie recipes use egg replacers instead of eggs and usually other solid fats instead of butter.
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Vegan Double Chocolate FudgeWhen working on this Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge recipe I learned that in order to master fudge, you need to thoroughly understand caramelization. Luckily, after dozens of fudgy failures, I now understand caramelization well enough to the point of where I can proudly share my recipe for all to enjoy, because you, dear reader, are worth more than marshmallow fluff. This recipe is easy as long as you follow it closely. 
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Ultimate Vegan BrowniesUltimate is not something that I throw around lightly, especially for vegan brownies. I've had my share of vegan and regular brownies and been baffled by how lacking vegan versions are. Growing up on my Grandmother's brownies, I learned that a good brownie should be dense, fudgy and soft; not light, cakey and dry. Why is it so hard to emulate a traditional brownie recipe that simply consists of a few simple ingredients? Hint: it's due to the egg, which emulsifies, binds, slightly leavens then bakes up as part of the actual base of the brownie itself. To emulate this takes an expedition deep into the innards of brownie science, oh and for me, about seven years of failing until figuring this out.
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Vegan Brownie BitesWant to bake the world’s best brownies (vegan or otherwise) with little effort? Never baked before and feel overwhelmed? Try this awesome brownie mix by my favorite chocolate company, Ghirardelli, founded in 1852 in San Francisco, California. I had great success veganizing the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. Follow my instructions exactly and you will discover how easy it is to bake the world’s best brownies!
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This Raw Vegan Pecan Walnut Brownie Bar recipe makes perfect vegan energy bars for sporting events, a nutritious snack for people on the go or simply just dessert. These gluten-free bars feature cacao nib powder that gives it a great chocolate flavor, almond butter for a creamy smoothness and a vanilla bean to tie the flavors together. Pecans and Walnuts add crunch factor and further increase the flavor complexity.

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Vegan Chocolate Dream BrowniesThis Vegan Chocolate Dream Brownie recipe is fudgy, dense and chewy; three things that you absolutely must have in order to achieve vegan brownie nirvana. They feature arrowroot flour and brown rice syrup to aid in their chewiness. Margarine adds a welcome buttery flavor and vanilla extract ties it all together.
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Vegan Choc-tacular BrowniesThis Vegan Choc-tacular Brownie recipe utilizes coconut oil to make them dense and rich, arrowroot flour and brown rice syrup for a dense chew factor and vanilla extract for delicious unification. Use unrefined coconut oil instead of refined coconut oil if you're interested in imparting a subtle coconut flavor in these vegan brownies.
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