Coffee Cake

Coffee cake usually has a high proportion of fat which gives it a more dense and less airy texture than a sponge cake, along with a more rich flavor. It's also usually topped with a crumbly topping such as streusel or a mixture of fruit and nuts. Coffee cake is so named because it's frequently accompanied by coffee. Vegan coffee cake recipes usually use egg replacers such as yogurt instead of eggs and other fats instead of butter.
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{loadposition share}This Vegan Cherry Almond Coffee Cake recipe makes a perfect light vegan snack or dessert. Non-dairy yogurt, a touch of arrowroot flour and just the right ratio of all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour make a wonderfully moist vegan coffee cake. Layers of cherry jam and slivered almonds add another dimension of irresistible flavor that goes perfect with tea or coffee.

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This Vegan Apple Pecan Coffee Cake recipe is great for those afternoon tea sessions with your extremely friendly next door neighbors. No friendly next door neighbors? More for you then. This vegan coffee cake uses pecans, cinnamon, allspice and a touch of non-dairy yogurt to let the apples really shine.

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