Vegan Yogurt Egg Replacer


Vegan Non-Dairy Yogurt Egg Replacer

Vegan yogurt usually consists of a base of either soy, nut, rice or coconut that is fermented with lactobacillus cultures. Depending on the base and fermentation method, hydrocolloids such as tapioca starch, agar or xanthan gum may be added to increase viscosity.

Non-dairy yogurt isn't actually an egg replacer that's on par with eggs. It's about as effective as traditional dairy yogurt as an egg replacer in baking applications. This isn't much but it works great in things where significant binding power isn't needed such as vegan cakeswaffles and pancakes. It won't help you get things very dense and chewy like traditional eggs can but it's great for holding in moisture and adding flavor complexity at the same time.

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Vegan Yogurt Egg Replacer Recipe

One egg contains about ¼ cup of liquid so using vegan yogurt as a substitute in a recipe obviously consists of:

¼ cup vegan yogurt

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