Vegan Banana Egg Replacer


Vegan Banana Egg Replacer

Bananas work great as a vegan egg replacer due to their abundance of specific starches and sugars. Keep in mind that whatever you put bananas in will undoubtedly turn into banana-whatever-the-name-of-your-recipe-is. This can be great for things like vegan cakespancakes and quick breads but awkward in things where you're not going for the whole banana thing. Bananas aren't as powerful binders as Egg Replacer Powder or Flax Seed Egg Replacer but due to the large amount of sugars and pectin they contain, they're more powerful than using Yogurt as an egg replacer.

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Vegan Banana Egg Replacer Recipe

An egg contains about ¼ cup of liquid so using banana purée as a substitute in a recipe consists of... wait for it...

¼ cup banana purée

This recipe makes ¼ cup Banana Egg Replacer.

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