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Vegan Cookie Recipes
BunnicusRex   December 04, 2015

Question: Adjusting liquid for using fresh coconut

Would love to make these with fresh coconut, as I've often got grated coconut for other recipes and prefer the taste. But, just had an awful experience with a (different) macaroon recipe that turned into gruel instead of dough; suspect using fresh coconut messed with the water balance (?) giving me that soupy mess. Am guessing this could be helped by adding a lot less almond milk, but do you have any guidance/suggestions on how much to adjust? (Or adding coconut flour instead, or...?)
Many thanks!

Vegan Truffle Recipes
BunnicusRex   November 17, 2015

Great base with endless possibilities

Just made these and love 'em! Tried several coatings, and my fave by far is coconut sugar - adds a little texture without losing the truffle idea. Tried mixing in a wee bit (SMIDGE) of almond oil after making half as directed, and oooh that was nice. Well, "as directed" except had to chill a few minutes before shaping into balls for some reason, started out making a gooey mess but 10 minutes in the fridge was perfect.
Hope to experiment with orange oil, peppermint oil, rum or bourbon next. Thanks for this brilliant, versatile recipe!

2 results - showing 1 - 2