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Vegan Frosting Recipes
cenique-jegeg   September 23, 2014

Maybe will use butter

I love the taste...the kids love it to. But because the climate hee is hot, it wont hold no more than 10 minutes after I apply on vegan red velvet. Maybe next time I'll use butter-cocoa butter base. Thank you.

cenique-jegeg   September 20, 2014

The coconut oil


I'm new to vegan baking for this few months. I have a question regarding this shortening. Here in my country, the room temperature is about 35-37 Celcius. It's rather hard to find a coconut oil that is not liquid. Is there any other solution? I've been trying to figure it out this past month.
Thank you so much.

2 results - showing 1 - 2