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Vegan Baking Guides
PaulaPaula   November 09, 2013

Hello Mattie!
My hand mixer broke last week and I am still undecided whether I need a hand mixer or not.
I used to need ot for whisking egg whites and now that egg whites are history I will pause with the hand mixer until I end up with a recipe where I really need it.

PaulaPaula   November 04, 2013


Hello Renoodle!

I love everything about these muffins. The crumble on top is delicious, the muffins are soft and very tasty.

PaulaPaula   November 03, 2013

How much is a serving? - Egg replacer

Hello Renoddle!

How much is a serving of your egg replacer? 1 tablespoon? More? before or after adding the water? 2 times 1 poweder + 3 tablespoons water?

I will use flaxmeal as a replacement, since Bob's Red Mill is not available in Austria.

thank you!

Vegan Brownie Recipes
PaulaPaula   November 03, 2013

Overbaked :-(

Hello Mattie!

your recipe and the way you explain every step is perfect. Only the baking time/temperature does not seem to work properly. They came out overbaked with a slighty black (=burnt) base.
I placed the tray on the lowest postition, like you recommend/say in the recipe.

I put the brownies in a air tight container overnight, hoping they migh develop some softness. The next day they were even harder, like very old bread. Fail.

My oven is a basic oven, electricity, constant accurate temperature, no convection, no circulating air or similar.
Could it be that your 350 F aren't "true" 350 F, but more like 330-340F?
My old oven used to be cooler than the number on the knob promised.

I will give it another try, bake only for 25 Min at 330 and see how they turn out.

I still give this recipe three stars, mainly because I don't want to ruin your good overall rating and secondly because I really enjoy your writing. Only the outcome was a disappointment.

Maybe I should mention I did not substitute or replace any of your ingredients. This can't be the reason for the failure either.

warm regards,

4 results - showing 1 - 4