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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

Overbaked :-(

Hello Mattie!

your recipe and the way you explain every step is perfect. Only the baking time/temperature does not seem to work properly. They came out overbaked with a slighty black (=burnt) base.
I placed the tray on the lowest postition, like you recommend/say in the recipe.

I put the brownies in a air tight container overnight, hoping they migh develop some softness. The next day they were even harder, like very old bread. Fail.

My oven is a basic oven, electricity, constant accurate temperature, no convection, no circulating air or similar.
Could it be that your 350 F aren't "true" 350 F, but more like 330-340F?
My old oven used to be cooler than the number on the knob promised.

I will give it another try, bake only for 25 Min at 330 and see how they turn out.

I still give this recipe three stars, mainly because I don't want to ruin your good overall rating and secondly because I really enjoy your writing. Only the outcome was a disappointment.

Maybe I should mention I did not substitute or replace any of your ingredients. This can't be the reason for the failure either.

warm regards,

Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback Paula! I'm going to make these brownies again due to more reports of them turning out a bit dry. I just moved to another place with a completely different oven and I'll be sure to use a second thermometer in the oven to make sure my baking temperatures are as legit as possible. I'll be sure to update the recipe if I find that temperature needs to be reduced or a tiny bit of water needs to be added to reduce dryness. Thanks!

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