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Vegan Baking Guides
by Mattie    

Hello Mattie!
My hand mixer broke last week and I am still undecided whether I need a hand mixer or not.
I used to need ot for whisking egg whites and now that egg whites are history I will pause with the hand mixer until I end up with a recipe where I really need it.

Owner's reply

Great point Paula! I went for years with a whisk and it worked great for most of my needs. One of the great things about vegan baking is that you don't need to rely on whipping the heck out of everything all the time. I jokingly refer to stand mixers as "expensive kitchen jewelry" in vegan kitchens, unless they're being used for production purposes where it actually makes sense.

However, sometimes you really need to whip something. Once I started getting into frostings, meringue and the technique of developing gluten in thin batters, I realized that having a decent handheld mixer definitely has its place in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

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