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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
by Mattie    

Jelly Roll..?

Hi Mattie! Haven't tried this recipe yet, but I trust your recipes. I was just wondering if I could tweak it into a jelly roll with any success. How fragile is it? Some people said it has a good moist, crumb so I think I am going to try it....I will hook you up with my results :)

Owner's reply

Hi cupcakefdoom, I've been wanting to make a jelly roll too! I don't know if this cake will work for that- you need an incredibly flexible and well binded cake to do that which is particularly difficult to get with vegan baking. I'd love to work on this. I'd start by over mixing the batter slightly to purposely develop some of the gluten, which is usually a big no-no in regular cake recipes. I think the secret to nailing this is determining how much and how long to mix this batter for so you can dial in the perfect amount of gluten-based bind. Let me know if you break any ground on this!

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