German Vegan Baking Recipes

Here are all the recipes on that are German inspired!

Vegan Plum Cake - Pflaumenkuchen

Vegan Plum CakeThis Vegan Plum Cake recipe is based on a traditional Pflaumenkuchen, or German plum cake. I broke with tradition a little and enhanced the plums with a splash of rum and a dusting of sugar and cinnamon. I wanted the intense fruit flavors to be well balanced by a flavorful cake so I used the power of yeasted cake to add flavor depth in the cake department. Yeasted cake also has the benefit of utilizing gluten bonds for binding which frees us from needing to use any fancy egg replacers. I purposely designed this cake to be on the dense side because I felt that it helped to showcase the plums.The result is a fruit forward plum topping baked into a cake that can hold it's own. Black plums are preferred due to their high level of sweetness. Feel free to make this cake using any combination of other stone fruits you may have on hand.

Vegan Apple Strudel

Vegan Apple StrudelStrudel is one of those treats that everyone loves. If I met someone who was anti-strudel I'd back away if I were you. Strudel has origins in Austria and Hungary dating back to the late seventeenth century. Traditional Austrian strudel is not made with phyllo dough or puff pastry but with a thin dough with a high gluten content that gives it elasticity. Traditionally, strudel can be filled with cherries, apples, spinach, saurerkraut or cheese. This Vegan Apple Strudel recipe features apples picked fresh from an apple orchard in Pennsylvania and is enhanced with rum, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

Vegan Apfelkuchen

Vegan ApfelkuchenNew Englanders seem to get inordinately excited for Fall every year, and while they claim it’s the foliage and the seasonal Starbucks drinks, I’m pretty convinced it’s all the baking they’re suddenly inspired to do and consume. Mass consumption of sugary, fattening, delicious baked goods isn’t an alien concept to me, even though I hail from San Francisco, the land of health food and hippies. My heritage is largely (no pun intended) German, and if there’s any bit of culture my German-American relatives have retained, it’s their love for two things above all else: (1) beer; and (2) cakes.