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Triciaj   December 15, 2017

Having trouvle

I've made this butter a couple times and I love the taste, but I've had a few issues when I bake with it. First off I did, I followed the recipe as written, using liquid sunflower Lecithin, all apple cider vinegar because I couldn't find coconut vinegar and xanthum gum.
The mixture looks curdled after I blend it. I've let it blend for 2 minutes or longer. Maybe I'm over mixing it?
The first time I baked with it I made a pie crust. The crust actually tasted great but it was left with many small holes in the top crust. I didn't think much of it but when I made chocolate cut-out cookies with the butter, the cookies spread a lot and had many small holes, just like the pie crust. I'm wondering what could be causing this. It's like something is melting through the baked goods. Maybe there are chunks of coconut oil that are not properly mixed into the butter?
I would love some help!

1 results - showing 1 - 1