Here's the Scoop - Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop Review

Here's the Scoop - Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop Review

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Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop

I used to think that ice cream scoops were kind of a joke. Why not just use a spoon and run it under warm water before for the best scooping action? That's all fine and dandy if you just want to get ice cream into a bowl. There's something to be said about presentation though, especially when it comes to desserts. As humans, we're very visual when it comes to interpreting things like food and this does make a difference with how food is perceived. You might only be concerned with getting ice cream into your mouth with the least amount of effort but if you're interested in making the best possible eating experience then it's a good idea to pay attention to your visual presentation. Also if you frequently serve ice cream, convenience is key. When it comes to ice cream this is where the Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop comes in.

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoops come in six different sizes, all indicated by the colored disc on the end of the scoop. Sizes range from 1 to 4 ounces. I opted for the 2.5 ounce scoop because we figured it would scoop an adequately sized ice cream 'ball' for the majority of our needs.

When serving ice cream in a bowl, on a cone or next to a cake, spherical ice cream balls make the best presentation instead of a pile of ice cream chunks randomly arranged. The Zeroll Original lets you scoop these perfect ice cream balls. This ice cream scoop is also a joy to hold. No more sore hands from trying to scoop ice cream with a spoon and having the spoon bend. The ice cream scoop is entirely made out of cast aluminum with the scoop machined to size. Very simple and to the point. I can't look at many kitchen tools and regard them as true works of art like the Zeroll Original Scoop. Why is that?

Here is why this scoop makes outstanding ice cream presentations: one of the killer features of the Zeroll Original scoop is that it's core is filled with a heat conductive fluid that dissipates the coldness of the ice cream into the handle while it scoops. After you form perfect ice cream balls by drawing the scoop towards you at an angle of about 45 degrees, they fall effortlessly into your ice cream bowl without any mechanical sliders or extra effort. All it takes is a slight press against the dish or cone to free the ice cream from the scoop. No moving parts also means that your $20 Zeroll Ice Cream scoop will be the last one you will ever buy. A good investment if you're into good presentation and lasting quality.

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