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mekman   May 12, 2016

Great information with excellent step by step instructions! My family has been growing, milling, and processing flaxseed in Manitoba, Canada for over 25 years and it's only now that people are becoming more aware of the functional properties of flaxseed. Being able to replace eggs with flaxseed is fantastic for vegans but also for people who are allergic to eggs!
I did want to point out, however that one of the biggest misconceptions is that milled flaxseed will immediately go rancid once milled. Years of research and data gathering through oxidation testing has shown that poor quality seed is definitely an issue when it comes to rancidity, however rancidity will be an issue the minute the seed is ground and should never be used. Using the product immediately, or storing in an airtight container in a refrigerator will not help and again - it should never be used! That all said, good quality flax evidenced by seeds that are uniform in color, not broken, and not diseased (as evidenced by discoloration) will be stable for at least 2 years even after milled. Flaxseed has a plethora of antioxidants which keep the product stable even when milled - this is backed by 25 years worth of data. Unfortunately there is a TON of poor quality seed being sold and seed selection standards are not used uniformly in the industry. Take the time to look for good quality seed!
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