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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
colleenc   December 13, 2013

Question re oils

This looks so incredibly well considered - thank you! I haven't tried it yet because I had a couple of questions.
I'm wondering why the use of unrefined coconut oil as opposed to refined (if the coconut taste is not desired)? Presumably refined will work the same? Also, I assume the coconut oil needs to be liquid before adding to blender?
Also, I can't seem to get cocoa butter in Australia, could I just use coconut oil instead or should it be a 'liquid' oil like canola?
Finally with the xanthum gum the stuff I have is in 1g sachets and is a fine dry granule - do i need to reconstitute it or anything or just add it to the mix?
Thanks in advance - I'm wanting to make this for Christmas and blow the minds of my omnivore guests! Cheers.

1 results - showing 1 - 1