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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
cupcakefdoom   June 19, 2013

Jelly Roll..?

Hi Mattie! Haven't tried this recipe yet, but I trust your recipes. I was just wondering if I could tweak it into a jelly roll with any success. How fragile is it? Some people said it has a good moist, crumb so I think I am going to try it....I will hook you up with my results :)

Vegan Brownie Recipes
cupcakefdoom   June 12, 2013

Tried and true and sinful too!

If I could give this recipe 10 stars I would. It's so damn amazing! I have done several subs, from extra cocoa and earth balance to replace chopped chocolate, to dairy free chocolate chips, no nuts, instant coffee, organic, not organic (tsk tsk). Even did it with earth balance in the tub and it worked exactly the same for me, turned out fab. THANKS MATTIE!!!

2 results - showing 1 - 2