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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    


This fudge reminds me so much of my mother's. The only change I made was to mix the sugar/coconut oil/agave/salt in a bowl, then add the cashew cream, then put it in the pan to cook. That way I eliminated the potential for getting sugar on the side. Of course, it took me the two hours that the fudge was chilling to clean the pan's burnt bottom (boiling water with baking soda); well, a slight exaggeration--I only chilled the fudge for 30 minutes. And who on earth would know that you could freeze this for six months? Mattie--on behalf of myself and the five pounds I'm about to gain, thank you so much for all of the work that went in to this creation.

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So glad it worked out for you klogan! I totally feel you on adding those ingredients together in the beginning. I have another caramel recipe on this site that uses that method. As I progress through my caramelization journey of life I'm realizing that during caramelization it's best to have only the basic ingredients-to-be-caramelized involved. This is so off-flavors aren't introduced into the caramel as a result of bringing things like cashew cream and coconut oil up to 250F.

Of course, the cleanup also becomes a pain when it's all combined too as you found- I've been there too, believe me! At the end of the day though, you could probably go either way with this particular recipe. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts!

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