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Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar is made from crushing sugar cane to extract the juices. The juices are then evaporated by heat then crystalized. After evaporation the crystals are then spun in a turbine or cylinder to remove the last bits of moisture. Turbinado comes from the word turbine.
Turbinado sugar is somewhere in between white sugar and brown sugar in flavor. It's preferred over many other types of sugar due to it being less processed and slightly more complex in flavor. It can usually be used as a drop-in replacement for white sugar unless a white color is desired in the food- turbinado sugar can sometimes slightly darken white desserts due to it's light-brown color.

Sometimes turbinado sugar crystals can be larger than regular sugar crystals. In this case extra precautions should be taken when considering it's use for certain baked items because the larger crystals may not dissolve as fast as smaller white or brown sugar crystals.

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