Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Mud Cake

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A recipe from Triumph of the Lentil: Soy-Free Vegan Wholefoods for all Appetites. Don’t be fooled by the zucchini in the title. This is actually a decadent tasting vegan mud cake. Made in a bundt pan it is thin and crispy on the outside and moist and dense on the inside, so much that it doesn’t need any icing or accompaniments. Tto make it a bit fancier-looking you could drizzle it with melted vegan chocolate or icing. This mixture also makes delicious muffins, making 24 medium sized ones.
Kitchen time 10-15 minutes. Baking time 60 minutes. Gluten-free option, low fat option, nightshade-free, onion- and garlic-free, under 45 minute option.

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Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Mud Cake Recipe

2 cups flour (barley, wholemeal spelt, wholewheat pastry or gluten-free) 
1 ¾ cups raw sugar or rapadura 
¾ cup cocoa powder
¾ cup chickpea flour (besan) 
1 teaspoon baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
½ teaspoon baking powder 
a pinch of salt 
¾ cup oil (olive, sunflower or melted coconut) or apple purée 
¾ cup water 
1 ½ – 2 cups grated zucchini 
2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
Preheat the oven to 375F (175C). Grease and flour a large bundt pan or some muffin tins. 

In a mixing bowl combine the flour, sugar, cocoa, chickpea flour, bicarb soda, baking powder and salt. Break up any lumps and mix until evenly combined. 

In a separate mixing bowl combine the oil, water, zucchini and vanilla. Add this to the dry ingredients, stirring until no traces of flour remain. 

Pour into the bundt tin and bake for around an hour, until the top is firm and the knife comes out with a couple of moist crumbs (not batter!) when put through the middle of it, around 60 minutes. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the outside and invert onto a plate. Leave the bundt tin on top while it cools. Best served after it has cooled down. 

For muffins, bake for 20 to 25 minutes. This recipe makes 24 muffins or 1 bundt cake of Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Mud Cake.

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this looks delicious!

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what is the purpose of adding the zucchini in the recipe? is it more for texture or fullness or flavor?
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thanks for sharing this! Very yummy.

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excellent recipe!

This is a fantastic recipe and the cake turned out perfectly. I cut down the sugar to 1 cup and for the flour used a blend of wheat, quinoa and tapioca starch. The mix was pretty stiff but it rose well and had a wonderful crumb which collapsed delightfully into the muddy texture you'd hope for in a mud cake. I iced it thinly with a mix of butter, black cherry jam, cocoa and icing sugar using a pastry brush which gave the still warm cake a seductive dark sheen. I love it! This recipe is a keeper. Thank you!

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seriously delicious

This is a seriously delicious and moist chocolate cake. Not one of those "it's good for being vegan" cakes - just a seriously delicious cake - period. I served it with a pomegranate sauce - wow.

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Wow - this was really delicious! I felt that it needed quite a bit more liquid than stated in the recipe so I added a bit more water and some almond milk

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I made this today gave it my own spin and I have to say it is better than I thought. It is moist, scrumptious and delicious! And from this I have created several variations even vanilla cake! Great base recipe!

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