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Vegan Frosting Recipes
by Mattie    

Amazing flavour balance

I made this (regular vegan butter coconut oil base) to ice my < href="">husband's birthday cake yesterday. It tasted amazing! The apple cider vinegar is genius, it gave the icing a wonderfully complex balance of flavours. However, I found that it was very sweet even with just half of the recommended sugar. Maybe that's an Australian thing. It also didn't do too well at holding strawberries on top of my slightly domed sponge cake, but that might have been due to the reduced sugar content affecting the stiffness.

Also, I didn't sift my icing sugar, and then found it difficult to get the lumps out. Perhaps the instructions could be updated to specify sifting, even though most people would probably do this automatically? I'm lazy, and also have no experience with icing, and so it didn't occur to me to sift the icing sugar

As an aside, I used this to decorate a sponge cake, and although Google brings up as a result for vegan sponge cakes, when I try to access the page, it says "Please check the widget code and install again". Do you actually have a sponge cake recipe Mattie? The one I ended up using was OK, but not brilliant, and I suspect that yours would be better.

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