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watersong73   November 22, 2015

Confused in the face of others' successes

I was SO excited about this recipe. I've seen this one and similar ones all over the blogosphere, and I was super into it. I got sunflower lecithin and refined coconut oil (ingredients I don't usually have, although virgin coconut oil is typically in my cupboards), followed the recipe as written, measured carefully, got the ingredients to the temperature described, and I got a yucky, broken emulsion. I really don't understand what I did wrong here, or if there's a missing piece of information that everyone else understood. Maybe the ambient temperature in my house is too cool? Or by processing for three minutes instead of two minutes, I did something wrong? Do I need to use my larger, more powerful food processor? Would I be better off whisking, slowly adding in the oil as one does with other emulsions? Has anyone else had this problem?

1 results - showing 1 - 1