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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
colleen_iv   May 28, 2013

Substitute for guar gum?

Can I substitute anything for the guar gum? I have xantham gum - would that work?

colleen_iv   April 30, 2013


The one thing I really miss about dairy is butter. Especially when I treat myself to some fresh crusty bread at the farmer's market. Non dairy spread just doesn't cut it. I've made some fresh rhubarb compote to have on good quality bread and was missing butter like crazy. I had to hunt down the ingredients for this but it was SO worth it.

I can't believe how much this tastes like butter - and not the generic bland butter but the expensive French salted kind. It has exactly the creaminess and the fresh salty lactic taste I've been craving.

Mattie, you are a GENIUS. Thank you so much. A tip for those in the UK - coconut oil sold in health food shops is ridiculously expensive - £14 or so for a tub. My local 'ethnic' supermarket sold it for £2. Apple cider vinegar in the same store was 89p. The only real struggle was fining lecithin. I found some old out of date liquid gel caps in the cupboard and was so desperate to try this recipe I spend half an hour sawing the hardened caps open and scraping out the liquid (NOT recommended). So now I have to find a proper supply because I want to have this butter at all times. Seriously - genius.

2 results - showing 1 - 2