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Vegan Pastry Recipes
by Mattie    


are these bakeable? I own a bakery business, and i am trying to keep it vegan, and as healthy as possible, I LOVE DOUGHNUTS!
and i've been trying to find a recipe for baked doughnuts forever!

Owner's reply

Hi lauzon,

Apple cider doughnuts are not usually that tasty in my opinion and either are baked doughnuts. Combine them and you may be in danger of making a rather bland doughnut. I've gone to greater lengths to make sure these apple cider doughnuts are more flavorful than most, but I'm afraid converting them to a baked doughnut recipe would make them on the lack-luster side. I'd love to work on a baked doughnut recipe that incorporates amazing flavor though! You've got me motivated to add that to my To Do list. Thanks!

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