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Vegan Butter Recipes
by Mattie    

unrefined version OK for baking?

Just tried this and overall it seems great texture-wise, etc. -- except that I used unrefined coconut oil (didn't think to check until I was in the process of melting it so I just kept going) so it tastes pretty strongly of coconut. Would this variation still work if I'm using it to make a crumble topping or tart crust or something where the coconut flavor would be a welcome addition? Or will the unrefined oil behave in some not-good way when baking?

Thanks so much for all of your research and recipes... will definitely try again with the specified unrefined coconut oil!

Owner's reply

Hi MizShrew! No worries on using unrefined coconut oil. The oils are going to behave exactly the same whether they're refined or unrefined. I often use unrefined coconut oil just for fun because I love the coconut flavor so much. Good luck!

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