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Hi we've been able to Soyatoo for quite a while in the UK. However sometime ago you used to be able to get the soy cream in a carton and whip it up like real cream and it was fantastic. Then it disappeared and you could only get the squirty stuff. I went to the German webpage and their message said something along the lines of it not being reliably stable so they were removing it from the UK market. However you can still get it in Germany - what's up with that? I wrote to them in albeit rather poor German but never heard back. Still like the squirty cream but it is a bit temperamental when trying to get it out the can. If you do it the way Matty advised it does seem to work pretty well. Made some excellent "Devon" cream and strawberry scones. Going to try making Pecan pie from Pie in the Sky tonight and serve it with that. I haven't tried the rice cream but I think I'm about to as someone found some for 49p in a bargain shop and bought me 8!! Wish they'd bring back the cartons though.

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