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Flax seed goo egg replacer

I have been making a chocolate pate, which is not baked, using pasteurized eggs. Will I be able to use the flax seed goo as a replacement?

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Great question gentlemanjimw. When you mean "not baked" do you mean there is no heat whatsoever in the production of the pate? The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to know if the egg proteins are being coagulated in any way. Also, without seeing the recipe it's difficult to tell if this will work with flax gel because it depends on what the egg is being used for.

Eggs do many things in recipes. In the pate it's probably emulsifying with its lecithin and providing structure with coagulated proteins. It's probably also leaving some of the proteins uncoagulated which will enhance creaminess.

Flax gel doesn't emulsify or provide a protein structure network so my impression is that it wouldn't work as a drop-in replacement for eggs in this recipe. You might want to look into processing together some flax gel, lecithin, deodorized coconut oil and arrowroot flour and mix that into your main ingredients for the pate. Also, reduce water content to make up for the fact that eggs use up water and pull together when their proteins coagulate; without them you'll need less water in the recipe. Good luck and feel free to message me if you have any other questions on this!

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