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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
by Mattie    

Nice! Tips on even rising?

This cake is very tasty and airy! It came out a little dry for me, but possibly I baked it a bit too long. I made half a two-layer cake by cutting one layer in half and stacking it with a creamed coconut frosting ( with vegan margarine instead of butter). One question I have is: how do I prevent the cake from rising mainly in the middle and leaving me with very thin edges? This makes it not so nice to stack... I know people usually trim their cake a bit before stacking (and I guess this probably helps the icing adhere as well) but I don't like cutting away parts of my nice cake... Thank you in advance, and keep up the good work!

Owner's reply

Thanks Clara! It's practically impossible to design a cake recipe that rises evenly instead of slightly doming, and still results in an airy cake. This is because different parts of the cake rise at different times as the heat of the oven first heats up the exterior of the cake around the perimeter, then makes its way towards the center during the baking duration. The best way to get around this, as you mentioned, is to just cut off the domed part with a knife. I then destroy the evidence by eating it on the spot! A serrated bread knife works well for a nice clean cut.

Then I apply a "crumb coat" which is an extremely thin layer of frosting designed coat the cake, crumbs and all. This is then refrigerated and later, the frosting is applied to the cold, firm crumb coating to ensure that crumbs don't get mixed into the main frosting layer.

When doing layer cakes, I usually do one eight inch round cake pan per layer, unless I'm making extremely thin layers.

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