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Vegan Granola Recipes
by Mattie    


Another granola recipe that you posted that I love!! I mad a few changes due to what I had in the cupboards/ pantry. I didn't use dried mango since I didn't have any. I did however add some white chocolate chips. I'm pretty sure those aren't vegan (shame on me), but I added some anyway. I used to get a "premade, organic, store-bought" tropical granola that had white chocolate chips in it and it was delicious. Besides saving on the cost (which is great!), I can choose what goes into these recipes and who could pass up the fun of making your own!!
Thanks again!

Owner's reply

Hi prettyleodia! When I was little I used to go to Maui and my parents would always serve me granola like this for breakfast. It wasn't until you mentioned white chocolate chips that it all came back. This granola is an expression of those times and I didn't even know it until now! Glad it worked out for you and thanks for sharing!

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