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theveggiejerk   March 02, 2017
(Updated: March 02, 2017)

Noobs: Read my story and learn from my mistakes!

So I've made this twice now and the results were awesomeish. I say "awesomeish" as my endeavor with this was hilariously funny. So the first time I made this, I had no idea that liquid lecithin (sunflower) was so messy! I made it but noticed there was still some lecithin not mixed in. I pretty much made a hot mess and just dumped it in the mold. The husband also ordered silicone loaf molds instead of butter or ice molds so each cavity holds the equivalent of 4 sticks of butter. Feeling determined, I still used the butter to make a batch of cookies. I pretty much copied a nonvegan recipe and the results were amazing even though my butter didn't look that great!
Learning from my mistakes and feeling more determined, I made the recipe again. I accidentally did a whole tablespoon of lecithin instead of a teaspoon so I ended up tripling the recipe. Learning from my mistake, I mixed the lecithin into the curdled soy milk directly. This time the results were beautiful and not nearly as messy. As I was pouring my butter into my loaf pans I then made the realization I forgot the salt! it was still great though and I really appreciate your amazing effort plus the science involved in it. I just recently got involved in baking so this is awesome! Do you have any advice on making a sweet cream butter? I might add a little turmeric to get the yellow in there as someone recommended. Thank you so much! I was a Nucoa user for years before this!

theveggiejerk   February 16, 2017

Can't wait to try

My liquid lecithin won't be here til next week but just wanted to add that you can get a gallon sized tub of coconut oil on amazon for 25 usd. Up until now I've just used butter flavored coconut oil so I'm really excited. Will review next week

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