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Even more delicious with yogurt!

Thanks for the excellent recipe. I've been so nervous about hydrogenated margarine so this is a godsend. It works great as a substitute in all recipes. If any of you love the taste of yogurt margarines, try substituting the soymilk in this recipe with a soy or almond milk yogurt of the same quantity. It is absolutely delicious even without being spread on anything. While I didn't quite like the taste of the soy lecithin granules, one little tweak and this recipe has turned into my new favorite on-bread-spread. The yogurt blocks the lecithin taste and makes it taste like its farm fresh! Thought I'd share the joy over my new find since you so generously shared this recipe for free. The yogurt changes the flavor dramatically!

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I'm so glad you got a chance to try it with yogurt fatvegan! I've been wanting to work on a "Cultured Vegan Butter" version utilizing vegan yogurt instead of non-dairy milk and just haven't had the time to get down to it yet. It's nice to know that the quantities can be kept the same. Thanks for the feedback!

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