Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Molds - Simplify your chocolate making

Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Molds - Simplify your chocolate making

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Silikomart Chocolate Molds

Silicone baking products are starting to infiltrate the kitchen at an astonishing pace. I remember the good old days when we had to walk in the snow for 13 miles, uphill in each direction to find paper to make paper mâché food molds that would catch fire in the oven. It would bind to our food and we'd go "oh no, there's paper in my food". That's the way it was and we liked it. Now we have a variety of silicone cookware options from spatulas to baking sheet liners to... chocolate molds.

Silikomart has introduced silicone chocolate molds to make light work of your chocolate truffle making endeavors. Read on to see how well they fared.

Silikomart chocolate molds

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has risen to a prominent place in kitchens everywhere due to it's heat resistant properties and the fact that it's known to be non-toxic and non-reactive as of this writing. The other day I assumed my friend's spatula was silicone instead of cheap plastic and was astonished when it melted like hot margarine as soon as it touched a hot frying pan. Silicone can withstand temperatures from about -184F (-120C) to 572F (300C). In addition to the wide range of temperatures it can withstand, it's also pliable and non-stick which makes it good for things like spatulas and certain types of molds.

In the early 1940s there was a desire for a material that could better withstand heat from motors and generators. Corning Glass, General Electric and later Dow Chemical put their heads together and silicone rubber was born. It consists of a blend of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Silicone chocolate molds

Chocolate Molds

When I saw the Silikomart chocolate molds in the local cookware shop I was immediately intrigued because I was about to make my Mom a box of chocolates for her birthday. Being silicone, they should theoretically be easy to work with due to their pliability and non-stick tendencies. I purchased the Imperial and Vertigo molds but they also make a whopping fourteen other types which are similar in size.

The molds were a dream to work with. After filling them with melted dark chocolate truffles consisting of Marzipan Bonbons and Chocolate Orange Bombs, I placed them in the freezer for about an hour so the chocolate would harden quickly. Upon removing them from the freezer, they easily came out of the molds with no fuss. Cleaning the molds was almost effortless. I can only imagine how frustrating it would have been if these molds weren't so flexible and non-stick. I'm definitely looking forward to getting more of these molds in the future and expanding my chocolate, caramel and maple truffle making skills. I definitely recommend these chocolate molds.

Marzipan truffles

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