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Vegan Pie Recipes
by Mattie    

Great Crust

I have not made a pie from scratch by myself before. I love to cook but baking isn't something I do very often. When I do I refer to this website. This pie crust turned out great! It was enough for me to make two pies with a top and bottom. I did add a bit of orange zest to the top crust and brushed one of the pies with the leftover fruit juice from the filling which had tapioca starch in it. That pie crust turned a perfect crisp, golden color and was so good I'm going to continue to wash the tops of pies with a bit of tapioca starch as an alternative to the traditional egg wash. One other bonus about this pie crust is that you can relax with a nice Bloody Mary while the pies are in the oven ;)

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