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Vegan Pie Recipes
by Mattie    

Baking temp missing...

So I not onky made my first pie crust today but my first VEGAN pie crust! And it turned out great: used coconut oil as my shortening and I definitely need to get a pastry cutter and practice my kneading skills but other than that--this was so much easier thsn I thought it would be!

My only complaint is that the baking temp and time is not listed so I had to guess around 40 min at 350° F and check every 10-20 min. There was a time and temp listed when it came to pre-baking the crust but not for a regular bake.

Used this for a vegan chicken pot pie recipe and will definitely be making again, maybe for a sweet pie next time like apple or sweet potato! Ooh, or maybe some cheddar puff pastry!

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