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Vegan Pie Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: December 23, 2013)

Best. Pie. Ever!

My husband and I (over the course of two days) made this for thanksgiving. We made two- one true to recipe and another 3/4 whole wheat. The original dough was a pain in the butt to work with and we were unable to accomplish the classic apple pie cross cross top. We thought it was going to be a bust for sure; the whole wheat dough was more we expected it to act like and did do to classic apple pie topper. Unlike we thought (my husband was nearly depressed thinking his pie, he followed to a T, was ruined) it turned out incredible! I'm not a pie person by any means but I'm addicted! I'm prepping the shortening as we speak (coconut oil rocks!) in preparation for holiday pie! It will be my in-laws first vegan pie so wish me luck! Thanks a TON for this recipe it is the definition of amazing!

Owner's reply

So glad you enjoyed the pie crust recipe Abearrows! I'm sorry the dough didn't work for your lattice top. I wonder what went wrong? I find that this recipe is easier for me to use for things like lattice tops due to the dough being more pliable with the increased moisture content. That's great that your whole wheat version saved the day though. Thanks for sharing!

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