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Vegan Pie Recipes
by Mattie    

Super flaky, really tasty

Thank you for the recipe. I was amazed at how tender and flaky the crust came out! You could use this instead of puff pastry. I made 'chicken' pot pie and it turned out awesome! [email protected] 400F, high altitude 5000'. My food processor mixed the dough in under a minute. Pulse all dry ingredients then pulse in butter...slowly add the water vodka mix. It should roll into a ball.

Being a canary in a coal mine, I do not consume much oil/butter. In the future I'll reduce the butter/shortening until reaching the minimal amount to still make the recipe work. I realize this would sacrafice some flaky-ness...

Owner's reply

So glad the crust worked out for you Tae! Thanks for the food processor tips. I'm going to update the instructions to give that option soon. It's worth looking into how low you can go with the fat in this recipe. I'm sure you could reduce it to some extent and it would still be "good enough".

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