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Vegan Pastry Recipes
by Mattie    

The results made me look like a professional baker

These were unbelievable! I have never made anything like this before. As I transition into vegan foods, I have found myself experimenting with cooking and baking more. My omnivore husband and in-laws all gave me the thumbs up, and said, quote, "this recipe is a keeper, you can make them for us again anytime!"

Here are a few slight tweaks I made to the recipe...
I only had one packet of active dry yeast. A packet = 2 1/4 tsp, so my recipe was 1/4 tsp short.
I cut the salt in the dough to a 1/2 tsp.
I added a 1/4 cup of walnut chips into the filling.
I only sprinkled walnuts on the top; no raisins.
I was confused for a short period of time on step #8, and then finally decided that the instructions to preheat the oven was supposed to be before step #10, after the rolls rose for the second hour.

Thank you Mattie for continuing to provide delicious options to wonderful treats. You make becoming a vegan more palatable :-)

Owner's reply

In the recipe I indicate to preheat the oven on Step 8 so it's heated and ready to go by the time the recipe is ready for baking. If I put the preheat instructions on Step 10 the dough would probably rise too much and time would be wasted waiting for the oven to get to the proper temperature. Let me know if I should word this better in my recipes. I know this can be kind of confusing and take a couple of reads so you don't actually put the rolls in the oven at Step 8;)

So happy these worked out for you Birgitta!

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