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Vegan Shortening Recipes
by Mattie    

I just got unrefined cocosnuts oil

Hi Mattie, I am trying to do a vegan Fondant and it has been very hard to find out how to do it. One of the ingredients I would need is a shortening and I will use your recipe. However, today I went through the whole city trying to find refined coconuts oil but could just got unrefined. Do you think that there is any problem with that?
I thank in advance your advice!

Owner's reply

Hi Abril! There should be no problem- both refined coconut oil and unrefined coconut oil behave exactly the same in food. The only difference is that refined coconut oil is passed through a filter that removes the coconut oil aroma and flavor. Your fondant will probably just taste a little more like coconut than you planned. Yum! Hope it worked out!

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