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Uses of Flax Seeds

Hi, Can Flax seeds be used for all recipes calling for eggs? Eg: Cakes, Muffins,etc...? I'm new new to baking. So your answer would be very helpful.


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Hi Vidya, Flax seed puree can be substituted in baking recipes where a light binding property is needed, such as muffins, cookies, bars, crusts, some dense cakes and enriched breads. Flax seed puree doesn't trap air bubbles. The "goop" consists of long strains of complex sugar molecules called polysaccharides which strengthen and slightly pull together when applied to heat.

It's unable to trap air bubbles so it's important to steer clear of flax seed puree when making anything resembling a custard, pudding or sauce. Flax seed meal is also grainy which is another reason to avoid using it in the above products, where smoothness would be important. I use the general rule to not replace more than 3 eggs with Flax Seed Egg Replacer when veganizing a normal family-sized recipe. If you try to use more, you'll start to taste the seeds which can be slightly bitter and mealy. Also, if a recipe calls for 3 eggs or more, flax isn't going to be powerful enough to stand up to the job as an egg replacer. Hope this helps!

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