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Vegan Egg Replacer Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: November 29, 2013)


hi Mattie,

thanks for this recepie. I am trying to create a good eggless sponge for a bakery. would this powder work as a good substitute for egg. I am planning to replace egg with some skimmed milk powder, guar gum, GMS and some liquid glucose. I will appriciate if you have any tested ratio of additives you can provide me or a recepie or give any suggestions. Thanks in advance

Owner's reply

Hi Varunous! This egg replacer definitely won't hold a foam so it's not recommended for cakes. It's more of a structure builder in recipes where foams aren't used, such as cookies. If you're looking to build a foam, I recommend looking into xanthan gum and Versawhip 600k which is an enzymatically treated soy protein isolate. My guess is the enzymes denature the proteins, making them more likely to unfold and hold a foam during whipping.

GMS and liquid glucose are probably good choices. I recommend xanthan gum over guar gum because the xanthan will emulsify and hold air bubbles more effectively. Good luck!

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