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Vegan Mousse Recipes
by Mattie    

can we use this as a filling in the cake

The recipe looks awesome , i wanted to know can we use this recipe as a filling in the cake without chocolate . i am baking a cake for my friend and she loves strawberry mouse but is allergic to chocolate after a lot of research i found your recipe . Reading all the reviews i am tempted to try it which i will , but for now can i use this recipe without chocolate and as filling for a cake.. please do reply ..

thank you

Owner's reply

Hi shikha! Reworking this mousse to not utilize chocolate is possible but it would probably take a few tries. If I were doing it I'd first substitute the cocoa powder with about ΒΌ all-purpose flour and increase the silken tofu by about 1 ounce. Then I'd substitute the 4 ounces baking chocolate with about 3 ounces of refined coconut oil or refined cocoa butter (or unrefined if you can't find refined). Then I'd cross my fingers and hope it worked! Good luck!

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