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Vegan Cookie Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: December 07, 2013)


These are the best vegan cookies i've ever made. Thank you! I've always been disappointed with the lack of chewiness in the other recipes i've tried. These were delicious, and so, so satisfyingly chewy --you'd never know i'd nearly blown it completely, having A) misjudged the amount of baking soda and been forced to scoop out an indeterminate amount of excess from a mound of flour, and B) realized at the last minute that i was out of the most important ingredient contributing to chewiness: molasses! I replaced it with a 1/4 c of shredded coconut and crossed my fingers. The result was hands-down delicious and, thankfully, idiot-proof.

Owner's reply

That's great that the cookies still turned out chewy for you even though you ran out of molasses SheraPop! Shredded coconut sounds like a great addition. Thanks for sharing!

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