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Vegan Cookie Recipes
by Mattie    

I have a question...

I have not tried any of the recipe's because I only found this page today. I am wondering if these Short bread cookies can be baked in a ball with a chocolate covered Almond (for example) inside & not flattened? For those who can indulge in chocolate etc...any help would be great. Thanks

Owner's reply

Great question lovestobake! I don't think these shortbread cookies (or any shortbread for that matter) would be able to be formed into a ball and have that shape remain intact during baking. This is because shortbread has a large ratio of fat to water in the dough that makes the gluten strands "short", hence the name. This means that the gluten strands are blocked by the fat which results in a dry, crispy, crumbly texture. This large portion of fat likes to melt with the cookie dough during baking which makes shortbread almost impossible to use for freeform pastry.

This is why many shortbread cookie recipes are actually baked in baking dishes. This ensures the dough remains intact. I love your presentation idea though! Perhaps you could cut the dough into flat discs with the chocolate almond in the middle. Assuming the chocolate stays on the almond during baking, it might just work!

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