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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

Ultimate Vegan Brownie

Love your Ultimate Vegan Brownies. That said, mine were a bit dry and crumbly. How do you suggest I correct this? Probably it was due to the modifications i made. First, Earth Balance Buttery Sticks were not available, however EB Vegan Buttery (tub) Spread was so I used it. Second, I don't have a mixer and so I mixed it by hand.

Any comments: We like our brownies to have a more fudgy texture.

Owner's reply

Sorry the brownies didn't work out for you sbriggs! This recipe was designed for use with a vegan butter such as Earth Balance Buttery Sticks or Vegan Butter. If you choose to use tub vegan butter, it'll turn out excessively dry due to the higher water ratio. In this case the water bakes off, resulting in a drier brownie. My advice is to always have either Buttery Sticks or Vegan Butter in your freezer for baking. In fact, I recommend just forgetting about the possibility of using tub margarine for baking- it's just not going to offer the same results as butter.

The mixing is an important step too because it allows the water-based ingredients to emulsify with the fats, which makes for a more moist, fudgy texture that'll resist letting go of water during baking. This will also lead to a more moist brownie. If you don't have a mixer I recommend just hand mixing like crazy during this step until you have a smooth, consistent mass.

I know these small details wouldn't seem like they'd make a difference but believe me, after spending seven years on this recipe, I think I've experienced it all! Good luck if you decide to make another crack at it in the future!

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