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Veggie-Tater   January 05, 2016

Nice option!

I generally need to stay very strict on the fats for health reasons, but this is a great option for those rare exceptions and freezes nicely! Curious if you have ever tried using konjac powder (glucomannan) as an emulsifier...its a natural, dehydrated konjac root ingredient used to make those cool zero calorie"miracle noodles" from Japan. (shirataki). I have been playing with a bag of this stuff, a fine white powder, and it is awesome and amazing in all kinds of applications! Blended into liquid it acts like a thickener without having to heat it, like cornstarch, though warming it makes it dissolve quicker. It has so many useful and unusual properties and applications I have yet to even scratch the surface! It has many health benefits to boot and needs to be better known! I may have to try it if you haven't, the next time I need to make butter. Thanks!

1 results - showing 1 - 1