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Commented by RitaT3Aces     September 08, 2013
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New Vegan

I have loved cheese my whole life. I finally gave it up to go vegan. I wanted to like Daiya but I can't get past how it smells and tastes like plastic. I've only tried the cheddar flavor so maybe the other flavors are better. I'm puzzled as to why it's so popular. I understand taste buds are different, but I can't help but wonder why it's used so often in some vegetarian restaurants where I live in the US. I understand vegan cheese won't taste exactly like dairy cheese, but why bother with it at all if it's going to taste and smell like plastic? The smell seriously made me nauseous. I've been substituting avocado / guacamole for cheese in Mexican and tofu "egg" dishes and that has worked great to help me not miss the cheese. I'd prefer to find natural substitutes for cheese in dishes that way, such as using nutritional yeast flakes instead of sprinkling parmesan cheese on popcorn or pasta, for example. If a decent tasting & smelling vegan cheese is available that isn't composed of a laundry list of ingredients, then I'm all for trying it! I am looking forward to trying the nut cheeses posted in the comments below. Thanks to those posting the products they've tasted and liked, and thank you for your review!

1 results - showing 1 - 1