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Tiffanybakes   June 07, 2013

Fingers crossed

I have the highest hopes for this recipe as I have not been able to successfully veganize my favorite Christmas cut-out butter cookie recipe to date due to, I think, the unavailability of a suitable vegan butter option. The only non-vegan items in my cutouts are butter and 1 egg. HOWEVER, the commercially available vegan butter is all salted and I think that it is the reason why the cookies have an unusual "aftertaste" or "off" flavor on the tongue when I do the substitution with Earth Balance sticks for the butter (I don't think it's the "egg" substitutes b/c I've tried multiple methods to replace the egg and still, the same weird aftertaste remains... hence, my suspicion that the problem is the salted vegan butter replacement). Do you think that I can remove all of the salt from this recipe whenever I want to use it just for 'clean' baking? or does the salt serve an essential purpose/ratios/etc.? The flavor is perfect as written for traditional butter purposes, but I think that I will need to remove the salt to "save" my recipes requiring unsalted butter. Have you tried it without adding the salt for an "unsalted" version? Any suggestions would be so appreciated. [and by the way, THANK YOU for having an AMAZING site/recipes to offer!!!]

1 results - showing 1 - 1