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Vegan Drunken Mushroom and Barley SoupWhen the weather starts to cool and gets a little drizzly (as Seattle is known to do) I start craving warm and hardy soups. Thick, earthy and when you get up from the table, you don’t even care that it’s already dark.

Most of the vegan barley soups I’ve found seem to be too brothy and not enough of a bold flavor for me. My family is newly vegan so we still need that “meaty” flavor. So what do I do when I need a bolder flavor? I booze it up. Yep. That’s the bam around my house. “Booze it up!” I know, what a wonderful role model I am! I also like to add kale. Mostly for color but also because it is super nutritious and I am always trying to toss it into my dishes. 
1 results - showing 1 - 1