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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: July 25, 2011)

really good

I am vegan. Ive tried brownies in the past - tend to be just as the author described - cakey..

anyway - after trying Simply Organic's boxed vegan offering and watching the thing come out to a 1/2 inch oily mess I found this recipe and tried it today. Very good - I might try some other options next time.. but really nice - and I love the parchment idea

So after finishing the brownies - I had a couple of questions:

- Mattie - have you tried this with agave or does that mess everything up. How about a brown sugar or raw cane sugar. I may try 1.25 cups next time.
- I would like a bit more chocolate flavor - not sure if I should just add 75% chips to the dough or if i should increase the cocoa -. 1 oz of the chocolate chunks doesnt seem alot - how about 2 ozs?
- the texture and moistness is just spot on - maybe I would do 5 minutes less next time. I made a slightly tart rasberry sauce and served it with vanilla coconut milk ice cream

Owner's reply

Hi alane011, Glad you enjoyed these! The agave would probably add too much moisture to the batter- vegan brownie batter is really sensitive to being too moist. If it's too moist it will remain a sticky fudgy mess. I'm also not too keen on agave's sweetness profile- I find it to be a little lacking so I don't bake with it much.

I don't think brown sugar or anything involving molasses would adequately enhance texture enough to make up for how it would skew the chocolate flavor profile. My personal view of 'raw' sugar is that it's kind of a scam because it's processed a teensy bit less then doubled in price. At any rate, I don't think raw sugar would do much either way in this recipe so if you have it feel free to use it.

I've been wanting to experiment with folding ribbons of things into the batter- raspberry would be perfect! Good luck and let me know how your experiments work out!

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